COM0014 – What I Did On My Vacation: A First for Minnesota

By Bryan Thiel

At some point in our lives we’re all going to go somewhere new: somewhere we can have fresh experiences, meet interesting people, and make plenty of memories.

But have you ever gone on vacation somewhere that wasn’t even old enough to have its own memories yet?


U.S. Bank Stadium the night before all the action.

That’s what happened for Trevon, Will and I earlier in October when we went to Minnesota to watch the Vikings play the New York Giants on Monday night. They’ve been fans of the Vikings for a while, so they’ve made the trip to Minnesota before; they’ve walked around downtown, tried some of the restaurants, and bought all the swag, so it was pretty standard for them.

Except for one, 95-feet high, 137,000 square foot, $1-billion monstrosity.

Over the past few years, the Vikings have been working on a brand new stadium, and this year they finally get to play at U.S. Bank Stadium. While ticket prices and trouble finding accommodations kept us from going to the first-ever game at the new stadium, we got to go to something just as special: the first Monday Night Football game in the stadium’s history.


Two Vikes fans, and one guy (me on the right) just trying to fit in.

A lot of the most popular venues in sports or tourist destinations around the world have been visited countless times. If you’ve been there before, you’ll go and have a level of familiarity with your surroundings, but you’ll also see a handful of people craning their necks, trying to take everything in for the first time.

But on that Monday night in Minnesota, that was all 70,000 of us; jammed on a slow moving concourse through our own faults as we tried to take everything in at once, most of us in there for the first time, hoping for a second Vikings home win (and to move to 4-0).

We saw the first two rushing touchdowns in the Vikings’ new digs, the Giants first trip to Minnesota to the new stadium, and (most importantly) Minnesota’s first Monday night win at their new home.

Riding back to our hotel on the train, crammed in among 1,000 other hoarse, purple-clad Vikes fans, we all knew we had witnessed something special; something that only happens once and only a select number of people got to experience it.

It was the perfect first to mix in with my first trip to Minnesota.

What about you? Have you ever gone somewhere brand new (not just to you) for your vacation? Were you among the first people on a ride or at a hotel/resort? Let me know in the comments!

One thought on “COM0014 – What I Did On My Vacation: A First for Minnesota

  1. I remember watching this game on TV, great game to watch, I could only imagine seeing it live. I have been to an NFL game in Cleveland, It was Cleveland vs Washington, and the energy that was created during that game due to the crowd was incredible! I couldn’t imagine how it could have been in the new stadium with that big of a crowd. I’ve heard Minnesota is a beautiful city, I myself would like to go there one day!

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