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As I was reading this article and getting all excited about another great kitchen idea, I realized how it would most likely not change much in my life. I don’t think people do not eat fresh vegetables just because they aren’t growing conveniently at the tip of their fingers.

I think it has more to do with time. In my case at least, I know that is the main reason. I am very capable of cooking myself a fresh and healthy meal, but at the end of the day, I admittedly have trouble feeding myself. I am a mature, professional and independent woman who has no reason not to be eating well. Yet, I find myself with little groceries in the fridge and when I do have tons of amazing vegetables, I let them go to waste in preference of pasta. Because even if it is there and available, I do not fit in the time to make myself good meals.

Therefore, after reading this article, as much as I love the invention, I do think the first problem is not to get fresh veggies into the house, but to re-educate people around reserving time every day for food and health. What do you think?



I am always curious as to where our food comes from. I know I take mine for granted most days. I try to do my part with buying organic and/or local, but even then I feel like I am not doing enough to really understand how privileged I am to be eating such diverse food in my country.

When I read the story about Brazil nuts, it didn’t surprise me, yet I had never looked it up. I sincerely hadn’t even thought to wonder if my purchasing of this product put someone else’s life in danger. Isn’t that a little crazy? Maybe, if I had a miniature garden growing in my fridge I would only use what I could grow myself. However, being from a generation of grocery market shoppers, I don’t know how much I can do. Research every product? What if we only ate local, where would all those jobs go?

When is consumer awareness too much? Or as long as everything is done sustainably and fair trade it’s okay?

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