COMM0014-Post 7: Personal Reflection

If no one reads you, then being a social media marketer is pointless. Therefore, it is very important for each person to know how to tell their story, their company’s story, and anyone else’s story that will get the right message to the right crowd. Online, the audience is so gigantic that without a really great story, the message is lost in the sea of opinions.

I learned how to find my voice, that special something that makes me stand out from the crowd. I learned tools to reach the right audiences. I learned how to follow and listen to people of influence in the field I work in. I learned to network online, engage in conversation and be myself instead of the impersonal voice of a brand.

I practiced writing different kinds of stories with different end goals. I realized that social media is about trial and error. One story might work great one year or one moment, but it does not mean it will be the same in another campaign. The online world is ever changing; new trends, topics, hashtags, celebrity events, technologies, etc. The consumer wants something new constantly.

Overall, this course has taught me to trust in my voice, be confident in my story-telling, and stay myself. I will fail many times and I will succeed at others. As long as I take the time to learn from my mistakes and stay genuine, things will work out fine.


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