COM0014 – Blog Post #7 – Personal Reflection

I have learned a lot of valuable lessons about digital communication and how important it is when designing a social media strategy. All topics touched on in this course, especially storytelling, understanding your target audience and choosing the appropriate communication styles for your audience had a lot of relevant information and very important in the social media world. Storytelling, specifically, is very important when creating digital content because you need to establish a consistent and unique voice that will carry on throughout all of your posts and social media strategy. How you tell your story also gives your followers a way to connect with you and relate either more or less to your brand. To me, content and story go hand in hand. Your story is your content and your content is your story. The way you tell your story, however, is how your content will flow.

Understanding your target audience and how to communicate with them is also extremely important because different audiences will want to be communicated with differently. You can customize and cater your communication style to the audience you are targeting. In social media, it is very important that this concept is understood and that you are producing relevant content that will appeal to your target market and audience.

I strongly feel that digital communication is an extremely big piece of the social media puzzle. Without successful digital communication, your social media strategy may not succeed as well as it could have. Social media is a huge form of communication and the digital component is what really makes up social media.

In conclusion, I really enjoyed this course and look forward to applying concepts learned to my current and future social media projects!

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