COM0014- Blog #7: Personal Reflection

A story can cross the barriers of boundaries, culture and time –  past, present, future and allow us to draw similarities between ourselves and through others.

Everyone has a story. We connect the world, add meaning, relate and understand others. Stories communicate with the people, connect to each other and create meaningful narratives. If we connect ourselves with the story, means something is common between us. The same applies to corporate and personal branding. Brands that create more meaningful narratives raise much more followers, social conversation and engagement. Their messages are good enough to talk about therefore the most successful brands are often the best storytellers.

Through storytelling we build relationship with our audience. When we share our story, we inject our personality into our thoughts and convey our emotions. If the story is well-weaved, audience will get involved and want to know more. Audience will keep reading till they finish and want to hear more. This way we connect our audience to keep coming to our website to read our content.

Today, to sell your brand it is not enough to tell the audience “hey I sell jewellery”.  You need to tell a compelling story to the audience about the jewellery that they will understand and connect to you. So, social media has changed the way audience connection and interaction with brands. We see brands in Instagram posts, friend’s facebook pictures and not necessarily at the shopping centre.

A really good brand story ad sells the product without even the audience realize the need they buy it. This brand story communicates its values and beliefs and customers experiences. Dove’s ads are the perfect example, they created an educational campaign to tell women “You’re More Beautiful Than You Think”.

Going forward, I would like to tell stories that would motivate consumers to engage with my company. This is the way to show what we do great that highlight to our consumers’ needs and understand them. So, we can contribute and motivate them to make their life happy in a meaningful way.

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