Kitty Kitty Kitty

Ok tomorrow is #Halloween tomorrow and it’s one of those weird days that even if it’s not an official holiday it kinda feels like one.  Everyone at work will be a little happier, interested in seeing and talking about who has the best costume, and discussions around the water fountain or in the kitchen is all about what they have planned for the evening with the kids.



I for one, am all about having fun, its just that I hate always thinking of what to dress up as.  Ok I could do a cat, a simple and light approach to #Halloween and may even be seen as a little funny as I found a mouse roaming around at the office just last week 😉  With all the what not to wear to work, what’s appropriate or not, – I think this is a safe bet.  What’s your favourite #Halloween costume going to be this year?

Our office is also coordinating a pumpkin carving competition.  This will provide  a friendly battle to showcase one’s creativity; and I am certain a few will blow me away.  Really? You can do that with a pumpkin!

Dressing up can be fun and it does bring out the child in us, and this will bring a little fun and diversion to a usual serious setting.  What is your office planning for #Halloween tomorrow ? Are you having a thematic celebration? Edgar Allen Poe, or a Wizard of Oz theme? Who will you impression this year?

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