COM0014 – Blog #7 – Personal Reflection

For me, Algonquin’s Digital Communication course offered solid guidance on connecting with an audience in a meaningful way through effective storytelling.

To begin, it brought back the importance of authenticity and maintaining a human touch to all of our storycommunications with our target audiences, especially the digital ones. It also covered important concepts in the art of storytelling, beyond following proper protocols and rules of language of grammar. Amidst the tools and measurement approaches and marketing theories we have covered to date, if we haven’t identified a compelling story for our audience our entire campaign can go askew. Understanding what kind of story we want to tell, as discussed in Lesson 4, highlighted this lesson best.

Going forward, my content will return to the roots of what has motivated consumers to engage with the company I work for. I would like to tell stories that get to heart of what makes my company and what we do great; that show we are listening to our consumers’ needs; that we understand and empathize with them and their concerns; and that highlight the contribution we can make to their lives in a real and meaningful way.

I’ve also appreciated the thoughts and reflections of my peers in this course. Thank you Nelly for your guidance, and best of luck to everyone in your online adventures!

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