COMM0014: Blog #6- Do people know your story?

From as long as I can remember, I’ve been considered an intense person. No, not just intense. I mean “INTENSE”. My mother even discovered that you can be diagnosed with it. This meant I spent most of my younger years saying sorry for who I was because I was always considered a little “too much”. However, I also learned to make the most of it. It meant I had an insatiable curiosity. I asked people their stories, listened intently, read about any subject, soaking in all those interesting life-novels.

Today, I accept that I am what many think as a high-intensity individual, and I see it as a good thing. I choose to see it that way. This made it possible for me to accept the job I have now where I learned everything on my own from scratch. I had the will to make it and I knew how to work hard. The energy never lacked. What I am doing presently is not something I thought would have been possible just a few years ago. With such a high energy personality, I suffered from a lot of mental problems and depression. I was known as a high-functioning depressive. So, any good day was and still is a blessing to me. I figured out tools to make my needs work with my lifestyle and my career.

In short, what makes you stand out as a child can become the most beautiful assets of your personality if you find the way to embrace it. I’m happy I did!

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