COM0015 Post #4: Out of the Box

We have focused primarily on best practices in a very new and evolving field, what unexpected applications have you found in the field of online marketing and social media?

I would say the most unexpected application I have found in the field of online marketing and social media would have to be crowdposting. I find it is still a lesser known tool, but platforms such as Nouncy are helping both individuals and organizations amplify their message by allowing their stakeholders to write a message to be posted through their Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. Then the organization can wait until they have a certain amount of posts entered, and launch the posts all at once so those networks are flooded with posts about that organization’s cause/promotion. I have used this twice before, and it seems to be pretty effective.


Screen capture from the Caring and Sharing Exchange’s 2015 Nouncy Campaign

Here is a campaign my organization did last Christmas. Each tweet or post could be composed by the individual, but was prepopulated with a link that had to be included in each post. Most of the posts were made by staff, board members, and campaign cabinet members from 2015. With only 34 posts, we were able to reach up to 18,786 people. Pretty incredible! The campaign is now closed, but you can get a sense of the options available to organizations, and the best part is, this service is FREE.


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