COM0014 Post #7: Personal Reflection

This course has helped me further understand the value of telling a story to audiences in order to engage them in a personal, compelling way. Storytelling is key when creating digital content because without it, audiences do not have anything to connect to. Content presented without a story is cold and hard to relate to. In the non-profit world, storytelling is essential for engaging new donors by sharing a story that helps them feel compelled to donate and support the cause. Broad statements and statistics and who we help only goes so far, it is the stories from recipients and fellow donors that our donors really connect to.

Some of the other stories I hope to share with our stakeholders will focus on the impact we have in the community, particularly through our Coordination Service, which saves hundreds of community partners thousands of dollars annually, allowing both them and us to help more of those in need. I will also continue to share the story of our history, as I believe this sets the organization apart from other charities in the city and helps instill a sense of trust in new donors. I will strive to incorporate testimonials from recipients into more social media content, as they are currently mainly used for direct mail campaigns and e-mail blasts.


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