COM0014-Blog Post #6 Do People Know Your Story?

Being an independent director of corporate videos and TV programs, now stepping into a new field of social media, it is important to keep the personal brand uniform as a creative audio-visual producer adding new skills.

In the span of 15 years, I’m busy in experimenting with different formats of Television — documentaries, interviews, travelogue, news coverage and finally promoting companies. My personal brand has been as a video film director which will take the responsibility for the entire process of filmmaking from research to script to shooting to editing, till the final film. I prefer to think as a captain of the ship to look after the entire production and being able to understand and plan all the elements of the film. This makes me more responsible as to coordinate with the professional members of the production team.

However, with the technical knowledge of filmmaking and a Masters degree in Mass Communications, I had already made 4 documentaries, 3 personality profiles, field producer for 2 years in a news channel and completed 10 corporate videos. Now, the internet and social media have taken over the traditional media, therefore I am also planning to step into new media and expand my wings in a new era of advertising.

More and more professionals are entering into social media and doing well in the field , so to make my personal brand strong in social media I would like to take practical training under a social media company. Along with my vast TV production experience, the focus on new skills will make my personal brand different from others.

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