It’s All in My Head (My Cold, That Is!)

Well, I made it pretty far into cold season (almost two months!), but here I am: sore throat, cough, watery eyes.  Yes, a head cold.  I’m bundled up in my wooly blanket, on the couch with my cats, chain-drinking tea, and staring longingly out the window at the bright, beautiful, blustery fall day that I am missing.  On any other Sunday, I’d be out and about.  There are so many places to go, and things to do, that I tend to keep very busy, so today is an unusual day.  Though being sick would never be my first choice, I do try to make the best of it.  In some ways it’s kind of nice to feel at peace with the decision to stay inside and take it easy!

Here are my favorite ways to relax and sooth my symptoms:

Throat Rescue

  1. Tea, tea and more tea.  I like to brew a herbal tea like David’s Tea’s Throat Rescue and then add in some extras like raw honey, lemon juice, fresh ginger, and crushed garlic.  I admit that the crushed garlic is no delight, but it really does help.  If you’re serious about kicking your sore throat in the pants, eat the garlic once you have finished the tea.
  2. Green smoothies!  When I was a kid, my parents would coax me into eating healthy things when I was sick by telling me that the vitamins in the food would get on a bus in my body, and the bus would unload all the vitamins wherever the bad germs were. Image result for green smoothie Yes, that sounds silly, but even though I am all grown up, that image is still very vivid in my mind, and it has a psychological power to make me feel better (plus, with or without the bus, the vitamins will definitely help me out!).  Today, my smoothie was a mix of avocado, banana, kale, spinach, chia seeds, tumeric, ginger, honey and orange juice.  I usually just stuff ingredients into my blender until it’s full, but if you’re looking for tried and tested smoothie inspiration, I suggest the blog Oh She Glows.
  3. Naps and early bedtimes.  I’m not normally one to take a nap, but when I’m sick there’s nothing better than getting in some extra rest, even if it’s just a half hour here and there throughout the day.  I avoid caffeine on sick-at-home days, so that it’s easier to nod off!   It’s no big surprise, as it’s commonly known that our bodies heal and regenerate during deep sleep, but going to bed early is one of the best things to do to help get over a cold.
  4. When I am sick I love to re-read some of my favorite books from when I was a kid.Image result for dealing with dragons  I find it very relaxing to get lost in these familiar stories and pleasant memories.  Today I’m going to pull out Dealing With Dragons, which I first read when I was nine.  My copy is quite tattered from years and years of enjoyment.  I think that reading a book that I love and know so well gives my happiness a little boost, and also helps make a sick day feel kind of fun and extravagant!

What do you do to fight off a cold?  It seems like everyone has their go-to tips and tricks.  I’d love to hear about what works for you!

2 thoughts on “It’s All in My Head (My Cold, That Is!)

  1. Oh, Cecily- poor you. Sounds like this one really whumped you. But you have the comfort and self-care thing down pat too. 🙂 I’m a big soup fan when my throat is sore or my nose is super stuffy. I make a lemon-garlic soup with lentils and rice and turmeric, spinach and carrots that’s practically medicine in a bowl. I’m with you too – returning to napping and childhood treasured stories are sure comfort for an ailing body. If I’m able I go for a massage too. Its’ been proven to boost immunity and get the gunk flowing out…and out is where you want it. Hope you’re feeling better soon!

  2. Sorry that you’re not feeling well! Colds in our house go round and round – never wanting to leave my house. So, we make sure that all things that someone else touches is disinfected and then we also drink a lot of David’s Test (mmm, so good!) and then I will climb up on the couch, my soft fleece dog blanket wrapped around me. I’ll start a movie (start is the operative word) and then fall asleep – sure helps tolerate the cold. Fell better soon!

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