COM0015 Post #3: Professional Networking

Over the next 6-12 months, I plan to increase my engagement online and off in order to build my professional network. Online, I plan to post more consistently on Twitter and LinkedIn, as these are my only public accounts and yet are the ones I use the least. I would like to begin to use these accounts to engage with other professionals in my field and become more recognizable in the online community.

Offline, I hope to begin attending networking events more regularly. I attended the season opener for IABC Ottawa last year, but have not been to an in person networking event since. Sometimes it comes down to cost, as many of them have a cost associated with their events, but others are free or low cost and I think my main reason for avoiding them is that I am shy around new people. It is hard for me to go to an event like that alone, so I am hoping to engage a friend of mine who I know is currently on the job hunt in our field to join me.


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