6 Things I Learned in 6 Weeks of Blogging

I really was not excited when I found out that we had to post a weekly blog for this class. I seriously considered dropping out. Like I mentioned in my second blog post on anxiety, blogging is out of my comfort zone. Not knowing much about blogs and avoiding them as I like to avoid all things that overwhelm me I really thought this would be a disaster. Here are 6 things I learned in 6 weeks of blogging:

It’s not awful!

Blogging is actually a lot of fun! It doesn’t even feel like an assignment. I actually woke up early one morning just to write my blog post. Like I was excited to do school work. Weird right? But blogging is so much fun! You get to share things, join a community, learn about things you wouldn’t otherwise know about! Sure, there were some blog posts I couldn’t get through for the life of me (I just can’t do politics or sports) but for the most part I looked forward to everyone’s contributions.

Grammar don’t matter & neither does Speling.

When I sat down to write my first blog post I was so adamant on proper spelling and grammar. And then I read it. And I almost fell asleep. It was so boring! It read like an assignment. So I was like “Okay Mercedes… Maybe we shouldn’t write this like a proper school essay.” Because nah. It is a blog. And sure, there are blogs out there that are very proper and proffesh and that’s great for them, but not for me. I like being able to write the way I talk and if that means run on sentences then that’s fine because 1) you don’t need to pause to breath when reading in your head off a screen and 2) no one is going to get upset about it (unless it’s like really really bad). And spelling? Sure, it’s important and sure you will get the occasional person who pulls out their dictionary and comments their mightier than thou corrections but whatever! It’s okay to make a spelling mistake every once in awhyle (hehe, see what I did there) it is certainly nothing to lose sleep over or stress about because blogging shouldnt be a chore.

Engage your readers!

Okay so this one took me a bit of time to understand. It was the feedback I got on my first blog “Engage your readers, make it relevant for them, ask questions”. Well how the heck do I do this? Who cares that I went to Ecuador and got the perfect insta pic? It’s just a story… How do I give it value for someone else…? So for my second post I focused on providing value for someone who may also be struggling with anxiety. On my third I wrote about my journey of being diagnosed with a learning disability to empower others and help people understand the process (value). I asked questions because I genuinely wanted to know what other people thought. I tried to work on engaging the readers and ended up enjoying blogging even more for it!

Another great way to engage readers is to ask questions. I always thought this was pretty stupid. Before I started this course I would read a blog and boom! A question. And it’s like well thanks for asking but why are you? You can’t actually care about my opinion. I just did not understand the point of putting a question out on the internet. It seemed as redundant as asking my dog a question and expecting an answer. But then I started writing blogs and I realized that I don’t care if I don’t know you personally, I want your opinion. I genuinely want to know what other people think. When I wrote my 4th blog on Thanksgiving caterers I actually wanted to know if other people had suggestions. It’s like a whole other frame of reference to use once I have exhausted family and friends. It’s a thing you only get once you start blogging I guess.

Be yourself.

Before writing my first blog I was literally having panic attacks about how I wanted to portray myself. I was worried about the tone I wanted to give off and my writing style. But truth be told as long as you are yourself it will come naturally. I haven’t pretended to be something I’m not and it makes it super easy to write.

Schedule time to write!

Sooooo ya… I only sat down to write this post at 11:08pm… It’s due by 11:59 and I still need to comment on other peoples blog posts (explanation as to why there are no memes or pictures) Sorry folks.
Even though I enjoy writing these blog posts I still leave them to the last minute. And it’s mostly because I know they won’t take me long to write so I’m like “ya whatever I’ll do it later” but then later leaves me a little stressed.
Last week I set aside time to watch Zootopia and write a blog post on the links to racism. Because I did I had time to put in pictures and really polish it off and it ended up receiving the most comments of all my blogs! Woot Woot!
Anyways, if you’re like me and maybe procrastinate a bit and maybe it’s not just a bit but a lot… Set aside a time when you can work on your blog without distractions and well before when you’d like to post it.


For those of you following along and keeping track, yes, that was only a list of 5 things I have learned. But I was saving the best for last. The greatest thing I have learned in 6 weeks of blogging….

I am going to miss it.

I have always enjoyed writing but I never realized how great blogging is for an excuse to write! This blog has become my weekly escape to de-stress and share things as well as learn from others. Although my anxiety will make it hard for me to branch off and create my own blog I would really love to. Here’s hoping!


What did you take away from the past 6 weeks of blogging?


3 thoughts on “6 Things I Learned in 6 Weeks of Blogging

  1. I am so glad you enjoyed yourself! I love blogging, but I, too, learned a lot.

    I scheduled an hour on a Tuesday to draft a blog post, so that I could polish and post later in the week. However, this week, I drew a blank on an idea. Finally, on Saturday, I asked my Facebook gang for topic suggestions. OMG, everyone has an opinion. That was fascinating. Some people posted on ideas they knew would appeal to me. Others wanted me to write about THEIR specialties. In the end, my idea did come from Facebook… just none on the list. I posted on Sunday, writing and posting in record time. 🙂

    Are you taking the next course? I get the feeling that all the courses blog.

    • Smart move! I need to get into the habit of making a draft for sure.
      Still undecided about the next course but I do think you’re right!

  2. So true Mercedes – it never felt as painful as I would assume a few thought. It is a great way to learn so much from so many others. I look forward to the next course and hope to see everyone there. In the meantime . . . keep blogging – I bet we have to in the next course too!

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