COM0014 – Blog #5 : Personal Brand

Within two years, my friend became a big name in the industry of wedding and corporate events. Now, she is an adviser for theme based corporate functions. Initially, she made her profile on different channels of social media, and keep writing her views on stage set up, color combination and items for the  event.  Through social media, she got the opportunity to share her expertise in writings and show her work through pictures. I thought to share simple tips to build a strong profile on social media.


  1. Before you develop your profile, you ask yourself why are you so different from others and what you want to be known for. Social media is full of entrepreneurs in your field, it’s best to specialize yourself in a specific field. With the focus on one element, you will have more opportunities to flourish in your specific field and your target audience will be a particular group.


  1.  When  you’re making profile, on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, tries to keep the same name and profile picture. Because the consistent profile  helps other to search  easily and the same picture will help others to remember you. Every time you change your Facebook profile your twitter profile photo changes.


  1. It’s important to take part in social channels, post everyday to your social profiles so the others will get to know you and your brand better. This availability will make you great brand and will get familiar with your expertise that is the key to gain influence and followers.

To post consistently or sharing every day at least 3 times per day on Facebook, 3 times on Twitter, Google + 2 times, so it’ll be best to decide the ideal frequency of posting to social media on your own for different channels.


  1. Join chat groups, share good articles or participate in discussions to make a professional connection with others. Sharing consistently will help to get attention from others. Along with this, engagement in social media will attract others to you and your brand.


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