COM0015 Post #2 – Strong & Weak Organizations

The two organizations I’ve chosen is: The Alzheimer Society of Toronto And The Centre for Mindfulness.


Image Credit: Alzheimer Society Toronto

First off – the Alzheimer Society of Toronto is an example of impressive social media strategy. Their Twitter is consistent, it promotes their events, it educates, and it also interacts with followers. They tweet several times a day with information in line with their brand and never sway from that. Their Facebook page is also consistent with content. What I found unique about ALZTO is that they do have a YouTube account as well, but it’s not as updated as their other platforms – partially because I’m assuming not everyone wants to post online that they suffer with this horrible disease. Their LinkedIn page is dormant, but I’m not surprised. I feel as though LinkedIn has yet to make its way to mainstream social media and is only starting to gain traction now. Their main forms of social media for their brand are Facebook and Twitter, and they are 100% capitalizing on that.




Image Credit: Centre for Mindfulness Studies

On the opposite end, The Centre for Mindfulness Studies could use some work and could benefit for a social media strategy. Their Twitter is not consistent and doesn’t educate people. While Mindfulness is still on the rise, not many people are properly educated about it and the benefits. This is a huge opportunity on social media – not only to educate but also to promote and create a discussion! Same with their Facebook page. This is really where they can capitalize on discussion about mindfulness. I would suggest first – create a steady stream of content on both their Facebook and Twitter pages – focusing on informing, educating and promoting them. Until you have those 2 core social media platforms on lock down, then you can branch out onto Google+, LinkedIn, etc. There’s no point in putting those up on their site unless it’s all in line with other platforms.



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