COM0015 – Blog #4: Out of The Box


Image Credit: Crowdfire

As you know by now, Social Media is ever evolving and new and exciting applications and/or platforms are constantly popping up. There are several unexpected applications that I’ve found in the field of online marketing and social media. For example …

  • Crowdfire: This app sends me stats every week about my Twitter followers – who is a new follower, who has un-followed me.
  • Followers+: I have this installed on my iPhone and it is another monitoring app. I can see who unfollowed me on my Twitter and Instagram accounts. I find I use this moreso to keep my accounts cleaned up (for example, if someone unfollows me I will most likely unfollow them as well).
  • Buffer for iPhone: I was already a huge fan of Buffer as an online platform, but most recently I started to use Buffer as an app and I find that it’s fantastic. It makes scheduling content just as easy and accessible. You can even schedule your Instagram posts with this service.

I feel in social media though, we are always on the lookout for the next latest, greatest product. A service to make our social media lives easier and more organized. I am still holding out on getting my perfect tool eventually. I don’t even know what that would entail, but what I do know is when I find it – I’ll know.


Image Credit: Just Retweet

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