COM0014 Post #5: Personal Brand

Had I been asked to define my personal brand a few years ago, my focus would have been entirely on my writing skills. I consider myself a writer first and foremost, and I have always hoped I would find a job that allowed me to write and edit for the majority of my day.

That being said, while working at the Caring and Sharing Exchange for the last few years I have become a jack-of-all-trades in the field of communications. As I am solely responsible for the communications of this organization, I would say that I am now capable of filling nearly any position on a communications team.

I am highly valued at my organization, and have been praised recently for my work in several different areas. In June, I wrote a direct mail piece with an emotional appeal that stunned my colleagues. The response from our donors was incredible. In August, I wrote a media release that brought in amazing media coverage for the organization, in addition to writing an article for the Ottawa Citizen about our cause. That week we were overwhelmed with online donations from hundreds of brand new donors.

I am not normally one to point out my own accomplishments, but I can’t help but feel proud when something I do makes the difference between having 850 kids on our waiting list for assistance and having enough funds to help every single one of them return to school with a backpack and school supplies.

On reflection, I suppose working in the not-for-profit sector has become a part of my personal brand, even though I never planned it that way.


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