Top 5 reasons to start yoga…now!

Are you stressed out? Anxious? Depressed? Unhealthy? Overwhelmed? Happy? Satisfied? Content? At peace? Psssst. I’m going to let you in on a little secret:

No matter how you’re doing right now, yoga will make it better and here’s why. These are my top five reasons you should start yoga…now!



  1. It’s a workout and workouts are good for you
    If you’re one of those people who thinks yoga is all fluff and no substance, you’re wrong. It depends on which class you do of course, but there are some that are higher intensity and get your heart rate up in no time. Tip? If you see YIN yoga, it’s primarily stretching and lower intensity. FLOW and POWER FLOWS are what you want to do for a good workout.
  2. It will make you breathe and breathing is a good thing
    Ever have those times when you feel like you’re barely taking in a full breath, but are instead breathing in half, laboured breaths? Whether it’s due to anxiety, stress or prolonged pressure and demands on your time, I bet you’ve experienced the ‘there’s someone sitting on my chest’ feeling. That’s where yoga comes in. It forces you to breathe fully, which relaxes you and reduces those harmful feelings you may be experiencing. Tip? Wherever you are right now, try this: Breathe in deeply and slowly for a count of 4 – pause for a moment – and then breathe out slowly through your mouth or nose for a count of 5. Do it as many times as you need before you start to feel the relief.
  3. It will help you sleep better and who doesn’t like sleep?
    Stretching and working out the kinks in your mind and body through yoga will improve your sleep. This is because you will reduce your stress levels, allowing you to calm down and be in a restful and peaceful state for bedtime. It’s easy to lose track of how you carry stress, but I can guarantee that you’re holding it somewhere. Your neck? Shoulders? Lower back? Stomach? Hips? Wherever it is, chances are it’s keeping you up at night. Do a yoga class, breathe, and release. Tip? Before bed tonight YouTube “Bedtime yoga routine.” Dim your lights, stretch, and enjoy the benefits.
  4. It will boost your confidence
    Taking care of yourself physically and mentally makes you feel good. You will feel stronger, more balanced, and better prepared to take on whatever life throws your way. Taking an hour to escape the daily grind and focus on just you and the four corners of your mat will empower you. If you’re feeling sluggish, overwhelmed, tired, and like you have nothing for yourself, you should give yoga a try. It will reconnect you with yourself and what truly matters. Tip? Do a mental and physical scan of yourself. How are you feeling? What are you missing out on? What do you want more of? Figure out what you want and make it happen.
  5. It will balance you and bring more focus to your life
    We all go through bad times. We all have stress. It’s a part of life, but how you deal with those times is everything. You can be flustered and overwhelmed and out of control. Or you can be steady, focused, and balanced. You just need to decide which route you want to take. If it’s the latter, yoga can help. It will center you and help you eliminate the mental and physical clutter you’re carrying around to make way for peace and quiet. Try it! Tip: Most yoga studios offer great introductory deals for new members with no commitment necessary. Check them out and see if one may be a good fit for you. I guarantee you won’t regret it.




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