Social Media Zombie Continues (COMM0011 Post #5)

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In my first post I wrote about hitting a threshold of being too digitally connected to the world and the intense desire to spend more time with living, breathing people in my space. At that time I figured it was probably a good time to do a personal audit of how I use digital and social media in my personal and work life. I chose to tackle work first…


There’s plenty of online advice about managing our social media addiction. Here’s what I’ve learned so far that is applicable for me:

Too many devices and applications. I do feel that my overloaded work schedule coupled with an ever-increasing abundance of platform choices has made me a less-than- discerning user. I need to look at how I communicate with work colleagues and reduce the number of platforms and devices I use.

Ding, chime, snap, sizzle, whirl, squawk, thud, swooooooooosh noises aren’t always       needed. I’m turning off  audible and visual notifications when not needed and using these notifications more selectively. 

Controlling thee impulse. Be more disciplined about when I access my devices, applications and online communities. Work on controlling that “just gotta check” impulse. When necessary, let colleagues know that, for example, I will check emails at 9am and 2pm daily and they should call if something is urgent. Not everything needs an immediate response and the interruptions can easily become a diversion to achieving more focussed, productive work. 

Add a platform to manage my social media. Contrary to my above self-advice, adding a program like Hootsuite is helping me focus my now edited complement of social media networks. 

And lastly, or should I say sadly, reduce the bathroom-stall talk. Although not digital, it is social, not face-to-face and just adds to my feeling of always being “on” and multi-tasking. Ironically, I’m worried about appearing rude if I don’t respond to a stall-mate and it’s amazing how much we get done in the Ladies Room at work. 😉


There are some good tips on the following websites:

Taking a Break From Digital Media for Your Sanity

Six Steps to Successfully Treat Social Media Overload

Digital Marketing Tips to Help You Stay Sane


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