COM0014 – Blog #5: My Personal Brand

This assignment post is perhaps best titled My Professional Brand, since that’s what this is really about!

My professional brand is quite straightforward, and it’s central them is commitment – commitment to the people / cause / project, commitment to quality, commitment to seeing a job through. With the combination of my astrological sign (Taurus) and a work ethic learned from a series of summers working at family-run business, it simply couldn’t come out any other way. I think this is what sets me apart – my willingness, effort and ability to see things through with the same gusto as I started with.

While I am at home minding my 6 month old and not currently in the workforce, I am still working on setting myself apart. Learning new skills through this program in social media is one of my most important efforts at doing so, as is spending a little time volunteering to maintain the softer skills of leadership, motivation, and working in team environments.wordle

Before I left my last position, I asked a couple of colleagues what they thought my best traits were. (If you’ve never done this before you must absolutely try it, you may be amazed at the feedback you receive. As noted in Lesson 6, “Often we are so focused on the overall picture of the way we want to represent our brand, that we forget that it’s often in the smallest moments that the real stories lie.”).  They told me I was a great team player – offering leadership, hard work and stress relief through a funny line delivered at just the right time. And my position of remaining neutral and independent, both in office politics and in federal politics, made me seem more trustworthy and fair-minded.

With respect to what I am most proud of, I suppose it is not feeling like I have to be someone else for others to find my work, efforts and contributions worthwhile. And I am most definitely grateful for the friends, colleagues and mentors that I have learned from along the way!

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