COM0015 Post #2: Strong & Weak Organizations

The two organizations I have chosen are United Way Ottawa and Volunteer Ottawa.

United Way Ottawa has an incredible social media presence. They post original content very regularly, interact with their followers often and share content from other charities and organizations in the Ottawa community. They also recently launched a new campaign called #MaketheMonth which features an interactive online tool that allows users to see the tough financial choices faced daily by those living in poverty in Ottawa.

Volunteer Ottawa on the other hand could use a more powerful social media presence. While they tweet about once a day, their Facebook page is updated sporadically at best, with new content about twice per month. With more than 3K likes on Facebook, they are missing an opportunity to find volunteers for the many roles they have available by not interacting with this audience more regularly.

I feel they should start building their social media strategy by aiming to post at least once per day on Facebook, including sharing posts directly from other charities/organizations. It actually seems as though they used to post more regularly and stopped a few months ago, so it may just be a matter of making social media a priority in their organization again, or assigning that task to one person in order to ensure it does not become neglected. Another recommendation would be for them to evaluate who their audience is and start to take a more targeted approach when composing posts and tweets in order to ensure they are making an impact where it matters most.


2 thoughts on “COM0015 Post #2: Strong & Weak Organizations

  1. I was about to comment that the size of volunteer Ottawa versus the size of the United Way are probably completely different. Then I went to Volunteer Ottawa and although they are probably smaller, they definitely have enough staff to keep up with social media. The real problem is not that they are missing an opportunity, all their members who need volunteers are the real losers. Great example, thanks

  2. I checked out the #Makethemonth website (great idea) and posted it on my FB page. Now I’ll have a look at Volunteer Ottawa as I am relatively new to Ottawa and don’t know much about the org. Thanks for this.

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