Romance isn’t dead

I lead a relatively quiet life with my husband and children. My husband and I’s start to our relationship was pretty low-key. We met, fell in love, got engaged, got married, and have two girls. This coming December, we will celebrate ten years of wedded bliss. For the low-key undramatic relationship we have, it is somewhat amusing that I LOVE romance movies. The tragic, the unrequited, the unrealistic obstacles, the drama and the humour – I love it all!

After I recently watched Before I Go, I thought of sharing some of my favourite romance movies. These are films that I can watch over and over and still shed a tear at the sad parts and bust a gut during the funny moments. Some are classic, some are newer to the cinema world, some appear on every romance lover’s list, and some are unconventional. Here are some favourites in no particular order:

Dirty Dancing

I remember being as young as ten years old, watching this movie with my Mom and her sister (my aunt); they would always fast-forward the scene where Baby and Johnny consummate their love. As I have watched this movie over 24 years now, I never get bored and always look forward to the final dance.

Phantom of the Opera (2004 version)

This one is a nostalgic one for me. I grew up familiar with the Phantom of the Opera, seeing the play in downtown Toronto with KISS’s Paul Stanley as the Phantom in the nineties. When this version came out, I instantly was drawn to the more rock and roll sounding Phantom played by Gerard Butler. This actor I thought was better at capturing the pain of an unrequited love.

The Notebook

I bawl like a baby every single time at the very end, it never fails. And that kiss in the rain, ‘nuff said!

P.S I Love You

Another Gerard Butler entry on my list. Can you tell I like him and his movies? Though Gerard Butler’s Irish accent could use some work, I still love the initial story and again shed a tear every time I see this movie.

Pretty Woman

The ending wraps up this movie with a pretty bow. Edward climbs up the fire escape to declare his love for Vivian. Classic man-rescues-lady, but after he asks what happened next, she replies: “she rescues him right back.”

The Princess Bride

The humour, action and romance just about make this a perfect romance that everyone will watch and enjoy.


Again another tearjerker but Whoopi Goldberg’s comedic cracks lighten up the teary moments.

Crazy Stupid Love

The comedy is smart and the chemistry between the co-stars makes this movie a favourite in my movie collection.


This movie is a teen version of Beauty and the Beast. A teen who by all accounts is a catch – good looking, rich but has an ugly heart. A witch changes his physical appearance to match his heart as someone he never noticed before at school sees something good in him. A bit cheesy but I still enjoy this movie from time to time.

Moulin Rouge   

Another tragic story but musical style! A love triangle mixed in with a dying lover all the while music and dancing are flashily displayed throughout this movie.

Romancing the Stone/Jewel of the Nile

An 80’s classic in romance films as both of these movies have humour, action and adventure. By today’s standards, both movies would be cheesy however I see nothing wrong with a little cheese factor!


Now that I have shared some of my favourite romantic movies, please sound off in the comments about your favourite movies!




2 thoughts on “Romance isn’t dead

  1. I couldn’t have picked any better movies myself however, I would add Gone With The Wind, as the all time classic romance. This movie carried me through my teen years watching it every chance I got and I knew that I would never let my Rhett get away, Great, great movies – love them all.

    • That is a good one too! I have only watched it two or three times but have enjoyed it every time. Thanks for reading 🙂

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