In a blink of an eye…

Things Happen for a reason…really?

I feel that we take every day for granted…thinking that we are indestructible. It is so hard to try to figure out why things happen.  I always was a big believer that everything happens for a reason.  Maybe this is because nothing really bad has ever happened to me.

Last week I lost my best friend/co-worker who had been a tragic car accident. Sarah was just celebrating 10 years at work and was recently promoted feeling like she was on top of the world.  After working a hard week and celebrating her promotion; she was given the Friday off of work so she could travel to see her family for Thanksgiving.

I hugged her and wished her a wonderful trip and was sorry that I couldn’t join her. Sarah and her dog packed up the car and left early on a foggy morning excited to tell her family about the great news of her promotion.

Sarah only made it out of town 10 minutes and ended up being T-Boned and a 6 car pile-up accident. The fog was so bad that morning but knowing her; she felt indestructible. Sarah unfortunately did not make this crash. Sarah also was not responsible for this accident.

My 22 year old son; being a volunteer fireman, was on site and had to cut her out of her car. Her dog; injured as well, escaped from the car, and could not be found. It took the town all weekend to locate him and he had to be hospitalized.

The question I ask is “why bad things happen to wonderful people?” Sarah was probably one of the most wonderful people you would ever meet. I was raised to be very religious; I go to church every Sunday, but not this Sunday.

You need to appreciate everyone around you, every minute you breathe and to not complain about the little things. There are a lot of articles on line to help with the grievance process. I will probably go back to church eventually; but I am just not ready to yet.

2 thoughts on “In a blink of an eye…

  1. What a tragic story and one I’m very sad to read. And there is no one answer to your question why bad things happen to good people. They simply do and what we must do is help each other through them and grow and become stronger. In my own experience, all these experiences have made me stronger and wiser and infinitely more kind and gentle and compassionate with myself and others. Perhaps that is why these bad things happen to the ones who remain behind.

  2. So sorry to read about your friend and her dog. In times of sadness it is sometimes hard to figure out the “for a reason.” I truly hope that you will find peace and that your heart will heal. Remember the good times – they will help carry you through this sadness.

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