COM0014 – Blog Post #4 – B2C Case Study

I decided to write this B2C case study using the local clothing boutique “Krush” as my example. Krush is a unisex clothing store located in Sault Ste. Marie that is locally owned and operated. They bring in designer brands that are excellent quality. In the Sault, we don’t get a lot of variety with where we can shop, so Krush offers an excellent alternative to your everyday stores and franchises.

I follow Krush on all social media outlets. They are on Facebook (@KrushSaultSteMarie) and Instagram (@krushssm). Krush has been highly effective using social media to engage with their audience and also promote their products. They often post pictures of the latest pieces on Instagram and Facebook, almost daily. They also advertise any sales and promotions they are having on their social media accounts, so their followers are notified of these deals right away.

Posting the brand new pieces immediately also gives their audience the chance to view the pieces as soon as possible. People like to be “the first” to have something – so if they see it on social media and love it, they will likely go buy it right away. I strongly feel that Krush’s social media activity boosts their sales by a long shot.

Krush also advertises that you can “buy through Instagram” on their Instagram account. If you simply send them a direct message on Instagram, they will place the order for you and ship the piece right to you. This helps customers place orders right away and ensure they will get the size and piece they want almost immediately.

I have also noticed followers commenting on certain posts asking several questions; for example, if they have a certain size or if a product to be put on hold for them, the cost and quantity of sizes in certain items, etc. Krush always responds back with a quick and knowledgeable response, and will even hold items for you at your request through social media! I strongly believe this approach works and customs are getting good quality interaction with the staff at Krush. Krush also recently ran a promotion using the hashtag #KrushQueen. Customers posting a picture of them in an outfit/piece of clothing purchased from Krush with that hashtag would be entered into a contest to win a discount at the store for that whole month.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that Krush’s social media approach works and is highly effective. They are interacting with their customers on a daily basis and also promoting their products.

One thought on “COM0014 – Blog Post #4 – B2C Case Study

  1. I know I am behind the eight ball when in comes to social media, but I had NO IDEA you could set up to buy through instagram! So often you see people who are in business despite themselves. It sounds like these people deserve every penny they make. This could be a huge way for small clothing designers and artists to get their work sold or pre-ordered. I do some art, so this is making me go hmmm. Homework time!

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