COMM0015: Post 2 – Strong & Weak Organizations

Social Media Examiner



Home Page of Social Media Examiner


Every week, on Friday mornings, they have a live Morning Social Media Marketing Talk at 10 AM. They also have two podcasts that are updated on a weekly basis. One is The SocialMedia Examiner Show (short 10-ish minutes updates about what is changing in social media). The other is SocialMedia Marketing with Michael Stelzner (long 50-ish minutes interview with a social media specialist about a certain current subject). I joined their Social Media Examiner Society which provides live training videos multiple times a month and a community of social media marketers to connect and network with. I find that they are very good at explaining changes and updates to beginner marketers. I also find their podcasts easy to listen to. The length of the podcasts and training make it easy to fit into my schedule every week and allow me to feel up to date on what is going on in the social media world without spending hours searching the web for relevant information. Their website is very well designed, interactive, and up to date.

I consider Social Media Examiner ( a leader in social media strategy. They cover Twitter very well, with interesting articles and reminders of the upcoming training and talks of the week. Their Facebook is also active and promoting whatever event is happening soon. They have live talks, are present on multiple networks, have many guests on their shows/talks/training/podcasts every week, and their newsletter is well built. If you are looking to subscribe to their podcasts, they give you many options: . They do their best to make everything as user-friendly as possible. They even link to a video on how to listen to a podcast on an iPhone . They answer your questions before you even had time to ask it. That kind of forward thinking, 5 steps ahead of the game, is what makes them such a great social media marketing organisation.


Modern Farmer



Home Page of Modern Farmer


Modern Farmer is a magazine. I didn’t even know it was a magazine until I clicked on their website. I think that is a big reason why I really like their social media strategy; they are not bombarding you with sales pitches. Their articles are always esthetically appealing, which makes sharing them always a pleasure. I know I will have an interesting article about farming if it comes from Modern Farmer. They have Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Instagram. Their website ( is easy to navigate and always full of recent news on the agriculture/horticulture industry. Their Instagram followers almost reach the 67 000. They have their own hashtag #iamamodernfarmer. I like how they use the social media trend to their advantage without being all about advertising their magazine subscription. I mostly follow them on Twitter where I see them engaging regularly with interesting news. I also have them pop up in my RSS feed when I am looking for good content to schedule for my social media strategy of the week. They are so impressive that they even won an award and was a nominee!

Recipient of Adweek’s 2014 National Magazine Awards for Hottest Newcomer, and 2016 ASME Nominee for General Excellence in the Special Reporting category, Modern Farmer is the voice behind the food movement, delivering investigative journalism and rich photography. As such, it is the heralded media brand that singularly sits in the middle of thought leader, food and agricultural topics—making it the premium partner for farm, food and lifestyle marketers. “


Still Eagle



Home Page of Still Eagle


Still Eagle ( is a clothing store based in British Columbia. It started as a small alternative eco store in 1991. I was searching on Google for organic clothing a few years ago and their name popped up. Their values are amazing. Their products are of great quality. However, I sincerely feel like they could reach a larger audience if they invested in their social media strategy. They have their website that is very old-fashioned, so not attractive to a new public that clicks on the site for the first time. I got used to hippie-looking brands because they had what I was searching for. However, I went to look for them. They didn’t have to try to win me over. If they want to expand and keep growing as a company, they will need to invest on their image. They also have a Facebook page on which they share their sales and new products. That is it. You can subscribe to a newsletter to receive information on new products, but that is it.

I definitely feel like they have such potential to reach a broader audience. They not only sell eco-friendly products but a lot of Canadian brands and “made in Canada” clothing that most people aren’t even aware exist. It is all the fashion at the moment to shop more local and green. Therefore, I find that this is the time to invest in getting their name out there.

I would recommend they start by redesigning their website to something more modern looking and visually appealing. I would then encourage them to think about what other platforms they have time to invest in online. They could start with a few paid advertising campaigns on Facebook and Twitter. They could even invest in Google Adwords when they have worked out their other advertising campaigns. I would also find a way to share their events calendar elsewhere than on Facebook and their website. I would get those events on Twitter and Google +. Their Facebook profile picture and cover could be designed a little better. Their cover photo has writing that is cut across part of the words which doesn’t make it look very professional.

I remember a coworker looking at their website this week and telling me they wouldn’t even have considered buying clothing from that shop if it hadn’t been for my recommendation. They said the website just didn’t look trustworthy. I think it is less of a problem if you live in BC and can physically go to the store. However, for the rest of the people who’s only interaction is online, I would definitely recommend an upgrade.

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