COMM0014: Post 4 – B2C Case Study

Mountain Equipment Coop (MEC) is the most trusted brand in Canada, as well as President’s Choice. I have worked at MEC for the past 4 years. I have never paid attention to their social media strategy before today. They have a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, website, and a Youtube channel. After searching through them, I have noticed one big important detail: they actively respond and engage with their customers. What makes it an even better and personable experience is that the company responses are signed by whoever wrote it. For example:


MEC Facebook Conversation


They don’t do it for every conversation, but often enough to be noticed and make it feel like you are talking to a person and not a company. It also adds a sense of accountability and responsibility to the interaction; the customer can retrace the employee if need be and the employee stands behind what they share.  Their logo and cover/banner are all made in the same design style, which creates uniformity and unity across the networks. They not only share product updates, but also anecdotes of people using the products, tips and stories on outdoor adventures, informative videos about different sports and best practices, and much more. They have created a community of individuals who enjoy the outdoor.

I think their approach is working very well. As the most trusted brand in Canada, I can understand how this country made that choice. MEC is welcoming, helpful, personable, eco-friendly, with good values as a company overall and staff that are there to help and start a conversation with you about anything involving the outdoors.

I definitely feel like I can learn from their customer service and brand uniformity across networks. Of course, as a one-person team, I won’t necessarily have the same range as a giant company, but I can do my best.

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