COM0014 Post #4: B2C Case Study

When looking for examples to follow, or case studies in social media, I like to look at small businesses as they are most relevant to my work.  Large multinational corporations have entire teams working on their social media efforts, but with small businesses it is usually one person, and it is definitely not their full time job.  For this assignment, I have turned to my (or should I say my dogs’) vet office.  There are dozens of veterinary clinics in and around Newmarket, Ontario, so building a strong word-of-mouth reputation is important for business success.

newmarket-animal-hospitalThe Newmarket Animal hospital has put all of their social media efforts into their Facebook page, with no presence on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, or G+.  I believe that this works well for them, as Facebook is where most of their target audience spend their time.  They do a good job of balancing posts on useful pet-care and selling their services.  They post useful articles/tips about how to care for your pet in the different seasons, and other things to watch for your pets’ well-being.  They have also been running a loss-leader advertisement for $1 pet exams for new clients.  This is effective in that their current clients can like and share the post to their own networks to get the word out.

When it comes to responding to feedback, either on the posts themselves, or in the “reviews” section they are quick to respond, either by thanking clients for their comments, or addressing bad reviews.  An incident occurred earlier in the year when a dissatisfied client left a scathing review.  The clinic was quick to share their side of the story, without coming across as defensive or dismissive, people are very passionate about their pets after all.  Because of the reputation they have built, other clients came to their defense and suggested the negative comments were wrong.

Overall the Newmarket Animal Hospital does a decent job with the way they interact with their clients on social media through the content they post, the speed and manor they listen/respond.  They could however be posting a little more frequently, and include links back to their main website in their posts.


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