To be a good righter, do you need to be a good speller?

One of the interesting stresses I have observed while writing my last few blogs is my spelling  15-signs-youre-a-natural-born-writer-even-if-you-dont-feel-you-areand my lifelong struggle with proper syntax.  I also wonder if knowing more than one language may instigate another level of complexity that others may not have e.g. blue versus bleu (French spelling of the colour) Oops there’s another one is it colour or color without the “u”  This is the British way? LOL.  Is this still a crucial skill as it once was taught in primary school?

Does one need to be a proficient speller to be an excellent writer, editor?  As I start my fourth blog, I turn much of my attention not only to themes I could write about, but how to organize my thoughts for ease of reading — and ease of reading, at least for me, is based on flawless spelling. As I continue to build my on-line image, my personal branding, my credibility may be based on a level of  my level of English proficiency.

So, its back to basics from me – what are the basic rules of thumb a few key links to help me out. .   Words that are easily misused, or may not be caught via a spell checker is found here

Allusion / illusion is a noun that means an indirect reference: 
“The speech made allusions to the final report.” is a noun that means a 
misconception: “The policy is designed to give an illusion of reform.”

The use of proper use of syntax in the English language: to better understand the structure and logical flow.  Perhaps I should have listened more attentive to “conjunction junction sesame street”.

Another fun tool and quizzes can be found under the language portal of Canada I’ll try a few out to see how proficient I am.

As I try to be original, interesting, to find my own voice, a particular attention will be required to be cognizant of my written abilities; continue to work towards flawless spelling and immaculate syntax.  Not an easy feat as this is not innate for me. I am hoping that practice will make perfect.

I would welcome you nuggets, tools that you use on a regular basis; any insight is welcomed.  I may never master the art of writing as this is not my natural talent — however pretty good would be fine by me.




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