Life on Overload



I have been feeling a little overwhelmed in both my work and personal life lately and I’ve been making a lot of mistakes. It’s making me very unsure of my capabilities to perform in my job. I haven’t taken any more time off than a three day weekend since last Christmas. I chalked it up to burnout. I’ve lost my spark.

Someone very close to me sent me an article from the Harvard Business Review that said that it’s not uncommon nowadays, and that in order to stay on top of everything, you have to work at a break-neck speeds even though you’re not really accomplishing anything. Seems like a vicious cycle and sounds extremely familiar.

I have been having trouble concentrating, my memory is terrible and procrastination is the name of the game in my world. These are three (of many) traits of someone with Attention Deficit Trait.

As I did a little more research into this, I noticed that this is not a hereditary condition, but environmentally-made. The noise, the pressure, the expectation to constantly multitask, finding it difficult to prioritize and stay organized, and therefore productivity takes a nosedive. Sounds just like me these days!



I found this website, that has given me some interesting basics to manage ADT:

  • Get enough sleep. Hmm, for me, that’s a matter of going to bed before 11:30pm every night. I get up at 5:45 am, which means I should be going to sleep about 10pm – yikes!
  • Eat real food. I love to cook and I try to make all my meals, but I sometimes fall into the pattern of just grabbing something on my way home to save time.
  • Take fish oil. I don’t take any medications, so taking a pill with regularity is challenging. Though I suppose I could put a reminder in my phone.
  • Exercise. I was doing yoga with some regularity awhile ago and I really liked it. I also try to get out walking when I can. I’m still not doing enough though!

Then the more specific work-related ways to manage it:

  • Connect with others. I have unsuccessfully attempted to create a culture at my work that’s collaborative. Though, these mandates should come from the top. I also work at home a fair amount.
  • Make a list of priorities each day and keep it short. Easier said than done. Being in communications, my priorities sometimes shift by the minute. My short list of three things from last Tuesday is still on my to do list on Friday.
  • One task at a time. See above.
  • Schedule time for yourself. For me, that would be exercise. But when I get home, I’m exhausted and I sometimes take a nap before making dinner, doing dishes, cleaning my house, do my freelance work, and attempt to fit my courses in.

So when I break it down, there’s no surprise that I likely suffer from ADT. What is your experience with this?


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