My Summer Vacation — Blog #3

During the summer of 2015, my family and I took a vacation to see our relatives that live in Europe. Although we visited several countries, Belgium was by far my favourite. I have been to Belgium twice now. The first time was back in 2011 when we stayed with my dad’s relatives Felix and Simone. We went to many different places, but I was just turning 13, so I honestly don’t remember much about the trip. Being 4 years older, thankfully, I remember everything about the past trip as if it was yesterday.

On this occasion, we stayed with Cindy and Steve in a town known as Willebroek. Like Felix, Steve is also related to our family as he is Felix’s son, and therefore, a close cousin to my dad, too. During this trip, we visited several different countries, including Luxembourg, Germany, Scotland, England. Of all of the countries in Europe that I visited, I like Belgium, however. The weather always seems to be beautiful, even when its raining because it doesn’t last for very long. Also, I had the opportunity to explore several trails by foot, and by bike as well. Since most of Belgium has really small “sidewalks” and roadways, we had to mostly drive everywhere that we went. In contrast, I found that England was the same, except the roadways were even smaller and it rained every single day of the week!
Despite Belgium’s population of 11 393 343, Belgium does host an event that attracts people from all around the world. The event that I speak of is an Electronic Festival known as Tomorrowland. This was my absolute favourite experience that summer!
In 2005 when Tomorrowland first started, there was only an estimated 9,000 people at the event. It has continued to grow over the years and now attracts an average of 185,000 people from over 75 countries! The images below show a contrast of what Tomorrowland looked like in 2005, and how it looked during the weekend between July 22nd and 24th during the summer of 2016.

2016 — Tomorrowland      2005 — Tomorrowland

Although they had a lot of things already taken down when I visited Tomorrowland, my family and I went in to the grounds anyway. It was a short bike ride to the host town, Boom which was the neighbouring town of Willebroek, and we figured that a quick tour of the site would be interesting. As it turned out, we were there for at least two hours. Here’s a YouTube video of Tomorrowland.

(Tomorrowland 2016 Trailer — Belgium)

Unfortunately, you have to be at least 19 years old to enter the festival, so I have already started thinking that maybe it would make sense to plan my next trip to Belgium and either go with a couple of friends, or even a few family members.
While I was in Belgium I happened to take many photos. I have recently gone and decided to add some to this blog. Here’s the top four pictures that I decided to use.

Tomorrowland Stage (Take-down in progress #1)


Part of the viewing area


More of the main stage area


Photo #1 is the main stage of Tomorrowland, while in the process of them taking it down. That’s right! The take the entire set down every year! Crazy :O
Photo #2 is also part of the main stage area, this is where a lot of people view from while at the festival. Photo #3 is showing hills and two building’s with pink tarps on it. People from all over the word are crowded on those hills while some of the worlds most famous DJ’s play their tracks. Those two building’s are basically tents where celebrities and people who helped with the festival stayed. You could also purchase alcohol at those tents all throughout the park. FINALLY! Photo #4 is one of the best pictures ever, it make me hungry just looking at it. Waffles are quite famous over there, the photo pictured here was one I had with icing and sugar on word AMAZING.

Here’s a map of all of the stages at Tomorrowland from 2014.
Please note that they usually change the stages around every year. It is a pretty incredible festival.


Inclosing here’s a receipt that I found on the ground in Tomorrowland. Can you believe that someone would actually spend 3000 Euros on alcohol? To put it in perspective, in Canadian dollars, this amounts to $4427.55!

Until next time – Shay


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