My Cat Could be a Star

I’ve been thinking a lot about animals on social media.  Of course there are the really big names, like Boo the world’s cutest dog and  Grumpy Cat.  But there are tons of other animals out there with huge followings!  Ariele Alasko is a (human) woodworker with 417k Instagram followers.  Her dog Mazie has amassed 5,646 followers in the 32 weeks she has been on Instagram.  Sure, it’s easy to say that Mazie owes her popularity to her owner’s established following.  But what about Sirius Black, Adventure Cat, who seems to live with an ordinary woman, in an ordinary home?  He has 13.4k followers and a budding modelling career.

What does it take for an animal to make it on social media?

  1. Personality.  Silly, sassy, sweet, sarcastic.  It humanizes the animal.  I notice that a lot of animal accounts are presented as being from the animals perspective.
  2. Hashtags, hashtags, hashtags.  This is the best way to attract attention, especially before things really take off.
  3. Great pictures!  The are no end of animal pictures on line, so having really good ones will stand out.

So, does my cat have what it takes?


Hi, I’m Clem.  I’m a rolly, polly little rescue cat.  When I was first brought in off the street my ears were terribly frost-bitten, and my poor paw pads were so raw and rough that I made clicking sounds when I walked.  I like to sit on things in awkward ways, and enjoy taking toys out of my toy basket one at a time and putting them all in a corner.  The only thing I love more than dinner time is having a warm lap to sit on!

I know her photos could be better, but maybe with a little hashtag magic, she could be an Instagram star!  Check out #catsofinstagram and let me know if you think she could make it!

2 thoughts on “My Cat Could be a Star

  1. Aww, poor little kitty! She’s very cute. I’m glad that Clem has such a great life now! It’s a tough (social media) world out there. I think with some great pictures and great comments from kitty’s perspective, she could be a star!

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