Happy Birthday!!!

Who’s celebrating their 150th Birthday ? Do you know?

PrintThe 150 day countdown to Canada’s 150th BIRTHDAY has started. Are thinking of celebrating with your family and friends on July 1, 2017?

As in any birthday – one is granted a wish. And I think this is no exception.  Since this will be a very special birthday for Canada, I am hoping that three wishes be granted. I wish that Canadians:

  1. continue to be an open, tolerant and just society.  Providing opportunities to grow and evolve and prosper in a peaceful, collaborative and creative way.
  2.  have access to a reliable and accessible health care system that is responsive to their needs; and
  3. sets the standards for quality of air, water and overall environmental issues; safeguarding for generations to come.

I am so very fortunate to be a Canadian – to live in a country that let’s you be you! This really is a good life.

Why are you happy to be Canadian? As the countdown has started, perhaps it’s time to start reflecting on what we love as Canadians.  Is it our quality of life; education, one-year maternity leave; the connection with your community?  Let me know why you think we, as Canadians, are so happy.


Health, happiness and much prosperity to all! canada-150-winning-logo-99designs

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday!!!

  1. We are all fortunate to be Canadians. I would really hate to see you miss the big party so you should make plans for July 1st, not August 4th, although, Canada is worth celebrating every day.When I get to travel around the country (and I lucky to be able to do that) I can easily see why people from other nations rate Canada so highly. Thank goodness we aren’t turning inward as our southern neighbours seem to be doing.

  2. I can’t wait for it, I am so grateful at this present moment to be living in Canada. With everything going on around the world I can say that I don’t take it for granted anymore. I believe that it is time to Celebrate Canada and its why Canada Day is such a big deal!

    • Thanks for your comment Jen. I too am very grateful as I was fortunate enough to acquire my citizenship when I was 19 (as I was born abroad) even though I had spend all of my years in Canada. I was blown away at the swearing in ceremony – to witness how grateful and profoundly proud these New Canadians where during this celebration. A moment in my time that has stuck with me; especially every July 1st.

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