Five Great Ways to Celebrate Fall

October is finally here and it seems that the heat wave that has enveloped us for some many months is finally abating. The crisp coolness of early morning is a sign that that colder weather will follow but it also reminds us that this is the season where we reap the rewards of our labours, usually with a bountiful harvest, feasts and celebration. Those brilliant fall colours on our trees, the crops ready for harvest and the spooky traditions of Halloween all await us. There are literally hundreds of things to do in the fall but i thought that I would share mine in hopes that you will be encouraged to set your own and to enjoy the best that fall has to offer. So here goes:

Fall Colours



For me, nothing epitomizes fall more than the spectacular colours of autumn. You can walk, hike, bike, drive or kayak to see them but they should never be missed. I would encourage you to bring a camera as every year I swear I find the perfect autumn tree!


Baking & Cooking

You bet, it is pumpkin season again. The autumn seems to be the season for all things pumpkin, although apple seems to be a suitable substitute. The cooler weather makes for great baking conditions and just when you think that you have run out of ideas just sit back and have a pumpkin infused beer or a glass of apple cider. don’t forget that getting there is half the fun which means that if you can start with a trip to a pumpkin patch or apple orchard then so much the better. Which leads us to….


Even if you live in downtown Toronto or Vancouver you can still enjoy a harvesting experience within a reasonable drive. What a great experience for your children to learn where their meals come from, This is the time of year where you can often get a hayride thrown in on the deal and if that doesn’t get the little ones on board then consider a haunted maze as well. If you can arrange for a harvest from an organic farm then there is a great lesson to be learned for your family. There are few lessons more important for families than understanding the food chain and the importance of food security.


I know that it is October but this one is a personal favorite. The cool night and morning air will help you sleep better and you can get much better camping sites this time of year, with better prices to go along. For me, it is a great way to end the camping season and has become a great tradition for me. Algonquin Park anyone?



We all get two shots at decorating this season. Thanksgiving gives us a chance to be particularly artistic and with Halloween it is just plain fun. But don’t forget that the scarecrow can do double duty! Personally, I find that less is more when it comes to Thanksgiving but my style is the exact opposite for Spooky Night. For years my family had a very large front yard that we divided into three zones. The first was bright and harmless for the littlest ones. The middle zone accommodated the majority of trick or treaters and then we had the Dead Zone for the more adventurous. I usually hung out there in costume in the earliest years until my teenage son and friends took over. In the end even I was scared to wander in!


Okay, so those are my top five but I am sure that you have your own. Please share them with the class. What are your preferences? Tell us about your best Halloween display. Happy October everyone!


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