COM0015: Event Participation; Momentum Coaching


During the course of this term I participated in an on-line course called Momentum Coaching which was facilitated by Cait Lynch of Custom Fit Vitality.

Do you ever feel like you have a case of the ‘screw-its’? Do you ever feel like everything is charging along as planned, and then wake up one morning and realize you lost the motivation and momentum to keep on track? We all do – myself included.

Then, along came an opportunity to participate in a course called Momentum Coaching, by Custom Fit Vitality. I have known Cait Lynch for several years, so I knew that anything she created and put her name behind would be worthwhile.

This course was offered on-line through weekly webinars for five weeks. I connected on-line with like-minded people. We had the opportunity to discuss and share challenges we face with self-propelled momentum, how to create it, and tips to maintain it.

A key takeaway for me from this course is the notion that everything we do, we get better at.  I have learned that this is true for both positive and negative actions, thoughts, and focus.  This course helped me focus on the things in my life that contribute to positive momentum, both personally and professionally.  These are the things I need to put my efforts into, because these are the things that will make me better.   For me,  this includes making time for inspiration, being proactive as opposed to reactive, getting in my minimum activity, drinking my water, and knowing the people I need to spend time with who are on my side.

Conversely, I am now more aware of situations, people and thoughts that I aim to unplug from.  Too much time spent with these activities and people will bring me down, and that is something I don’t want to be better at.

As a result of this course I am better equipped for positive self-talk, and I am more aware of the things in my life that create a momentum de-rail. I have learned some important things; overwhelm is a choice, you can do anything but you can’t do everything, where my slow leaks are, and what and who fills my tank. All amazing learnings, I must say!

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