Post 4 – COM0015 – Out of the Box

Cartoon - Thinking outside the box

Being unaware of emerging trends can leave you in the dark.

What grabs your attention today may barely get a glance tomorrow. The need to stay fresh and interesting has always been important in marketing, regardless if you are selling a new cookbook, or promoting a non profit organization. With the exponential growth in new technology and information the demand for an innovative way of getting your message across comes fast and furious.

I would consider myself to be an avid consumer of Social Media. While I am inundated with images and videos all the time a few recent trends have grabbed my attention. Two applications and an emerging content trend:

Facebook Live – This application is very new. While it was released by Facebook in August of 2015 it wasn’t available to the average user until December of that year. It has had some very successful campaigns as well as some flops. The first time I was captivated by this application was when a local Ottawa DJ live-streamed his experiences with his Leukemia treatment. He explained what it was like going through an MRI machine with the assistance of a lego man, he took his fans through his hair loss, took questions about his cancer and even promoted National Nurses week and donations for the Fort McMurray Fire. Stuntman Stu is back at work at Majic 100, but continues to serve his community. Facebook Live was a new way for him to tell his story.

360 Video – This application is also quite new and very exciting. The first time I saw this was when a friend interviewed Paula Deen as she was supporting troops in Fort Hood, Texas. I had no idea what I was looking at and couldn’t figure out why the interviewer was pointing the camera at the table! 360 video has come a long way since that interview. The video has become immersive and beautiful. It is a great way to showcase the amazing and awe-inspiring. From Ballet, to Roller Coasters, to War. This media immerses you in the moment. Watch the Dutch National Ballet.

Link to ‘back to the basics’ – While this is not an application tool, this is an interesting movement in marketing today.  As our baby boomers have more disposable income and focus more on their health they are making a move to healthier choices. There has been an significant observable increase in marketing towards ‘Organic’, ‘Non-GMO’, ‘No-Hormones’, and even a back to basic Farming movement. Companies such as KFC Canada and Chipolte are using imagery of farming to bolster their brands. Chipolte has had a disastrous year with multiple health scares across the US and have used a beautiful back-to-basics sustainable farming video to indicate that they are starting fresh.

Summary – Marketing has always been on the hunt for a fresh way to tell the story. Social Media is just another tool in the toolbox, but with emerging technologies a successful marketer must stay abreast of the next best thing to grab and keep peoples attention.






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