COM0015 – Assignment #5: Event Participation

As a senior communications professional, I sometimes find it difficult to make it out to professional networking and professional development events. I find these to be very important for my career and those that I have attended have been quite useful. The trouble is fitting them in to a busy schedule! For this reason, I usually like to do my professional networking and professional development online.

This course for example is professional development for me as I hope to broaden my skills and social media knowledge to help my organization with their social media strategy.

As a member of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC), I am able to participate in a lot of the professional development and networking events. One of their professional development events I like to participate in is their weekly #CommChat where professionals across North America can discuss important topics and give insight on new tools and resources.


I like this event because it happens every week and they discuss different topics that are timely to communications professionals. One of their recent sessions that I really enjoyed was the one where they were discussing the importance of professional development and the benefits of online classes and workshops.


I found it really interesting interacting with different people from across North America, but also people who were in different levels of the career. It gave me an understanding of the types of courses and workshops they participated in that better helped them progress in their career. I appreciated hearing what worked well for them and what didn’t. It was also reassuring to hear fellow professionals have the same feelings as me about time management and the value of online courses.


I think the event encouraged me to look into taking more online courses and the value just straight networking can have on your learning and the resources and skills you can obtain. I certainly plan to participate in these events in the future, although I don’t believe every Wednesday will be feasible! I also would like to try and interact more directly with those professionals taking part in the chat to help broaden my network.

Side note: Although everyone may not have the ability to be a full member of IABC, their #CommChat is fully accessible through Twitter so anyone can follow along!



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