COM0014 – Blog Post #3 – Target Audiences

After reading about target audiences this lesson, I decided that I was going to research demographics for the new TV show “The Bachelorette Canada”. Since I am a huge Bachelor/Bachelorette fan, I am THRILLED that there is now the Canadian version of The Bachelorette (!!!). I did some research on and I found both applications to be similar, however, I found Hootsuite to be more user friendly and easier to navigate.

From there, my findings were that a lot of young girls are talking about @TheBacheloretteCA on Twitter and mentioning it. It was evident that the conversation was mainly between women. I believe that these users are also using Facebook, Instagram, and SnapChat daily since most young people in today’s society are using these apps. I feel that communicating via these social media channels would be successful. If you want to market and promote something to a younger audience, you need to be on Instagram and Snapchat, more so than Twitter and Facebook. A common practice that companies seem to be incorporating into their marketing strategy lately is having some type of “selfie contest” or some type of promotion to do with taking a selfie with their brand and then sharing it on social media. I strongly believe this type of promotion would be highly successful in the young demographic. As we all now, the “selfie” is now a global phenomenon and companies need to jump on this concept if they hope to have a successful social media strategy.

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