COM0014 Post #3: Target Audiences

When reevaluating the digital audience of my organization, I am constantly surprised by the continuation of a certain trend. As a charity, it is easy to suspect that our audience is mostly middle-aged women and seniors, as these are the groups who are considered most likely to donate. Based on the audience we actually have however, this may not be the case.

Our current social media audience (Facebook and Twitter) sits somewhat comfortably within the stereotypical charity audience, made up of between 64-70% females, most of who are in their late 20s to early 40s. It is not surprising that seniors are not highly represented in a digital audience, despite the fact that many of our donors are seniors.

What is surprising is that our website traffic consists of slightly more than 50% men, and most of them are in their 30s or early 40s. This implies that while women are happy to like and share our social media content, they are perhaps less likely to actually go to our website and make a donation. Since our ideal audience for recruiting new donors is those in their 30s and 40s, we are clearly doing something right if this group makes up the bulk of our web visits.

According to our Twitter analytics, the top interests of our followers are business, news and politics. Since we are a local charity and our target audience is the Ottawa community, I think that sharing more local ‘good news’ stories would help boost our engagement, and perhaps posting more visual posts on social media with links back to our website (or directly to the donation page) would help bring some of our female fans closer to becoming donors.


3 thoughts on “COM0014 Post #3: Target Audiences

  1. Hi Meagan, those are interesting observations re. the differences between the actions of men vs women when they are visiting your site. And terrific that your research was able to uncover it – an under-developed pond of potential donors! I wonder if women are more inclined to participate through volunteerism, rather than donations? Best of luck with converting those visitors to donors.

  2. I was thinking the same thing as dfremes. Women do not make as much money as men, so women are less inclined to donate money. However, women are more likely to donate their time. While volunteers have value, it is much more difficult to quantify that.

  3. While many people do believe that women are more likely to volunteer their time than they are to donate money, according to Statistics Canada (2010) slightly more women give to charities in Canada than men (86% of women, 82% of men) and the average donation made my men($465) is only 7.9% higher than the average donation made by women ($428).
    In addition, women are only slightly more likely to volunteer than men (44.7% of women volunteer in Canada vs. 42.4% of men), however on average men contribute more hours annually than women (51.1% vs. 48.9%).
    It is interesting how our perception of gender roles can lead to assumptions in this matter. Many people are prone to assume that women are the caregivers (volunteers) and men are the providers (donors), but in reality both genders are fairly balanced when it comes to donating both time and money.

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