COM0015 – Strong & Weak Organizations

I’m going to discuss a couple of case studies with this post. First off a couple of what I feel are strong social media presences and then one that needs help.


Has anyone not seen this video? (If you haven’t then you need to watch it!) A few years ago Dove exploded onto the social media scene with this short film “Evolution”.

Drawing massive attention and views, (the original post has over 18 million views.) Since then they have created dozens of videos all focused on empowering people to love themselves and their bodies. Their tweets and facebook posts are retweeted and shared constantly. Their YouTube channel has thousands of comments. Even their website focuses on their media stories before showing your their product line. They’ve built a platform around caring about people first and sales second.


Decades beforemr-whipplee the term “media presence” arrived Charmin had one of the strongest marketing platforms. While millennials may not have any idea where “Don’t squeeze the Charmin.” came from, I vividly remember Mr Whipple and his commercials from my childhood. Even now in my 40’s when I see their product, that tag line still goes through my head.

Nowadays, Charmin is continuing to claim a lot of attention with their TP wielding bears living in the woods and their cute twitter polls and tweets. They’ve encouraged communication with hashtags like #TweetFromTheSeat and #EnjoyTheGo Focusing on families instead of the “women of the house” they have evolved with the times and are building a platform around trust and longevity.

One organization I feel need to adopt a stronger social media strategy is

Autism Ontario404793_334359653266544_1908464792_n

This organization is near and dear to my heart as my daughter is on the spectrum. I would love to see Autism Ontario be the place that tho
selearning could go for information but their platform just isn’t strong enough.

You can almost hear the crickets on their Twitter page. The most interesting posts seem to be from people who have tagged them. There are dozens of retweets instead of one central “voice”. There are lots of followers (almost 9K) but very little communication.  It’s not somewhere I would recommend a parent or caregiver go for information.

Their Facebook page tells a similar story. There  are a lot of shared articles but no real communication unless it’s between people visiting the page.

It’s not easy, I get it. They are non profit and rely on a strict diet of donations that never seem to be enough. But if they were to strengthen their social media platform and open up some communication then they may find that their donations increase as their exposure does.

  • Choosing solid hashtags and using them consistently would be a good start. Interviewing people using the “Live Feed” on Facebook and answering questions during the interview would help to encourage a flow of communication. Set up some easy
  • Polls on Twitter encouraging more communication. Find out what the community really needs information wise and then pass all that information down to the local chapters.
  • YouTube videos on what to look for/fillout/find for taxes and write offs
  • Tweet/Post during fundraising events encouraging attendance or showing how much fun everyone is having so that next time attendance is greater.
  • Blogging about anything and everything to do with Autism

All of these would be a good start to create a platform as long as they follow through with concise monitoring and listening afterwards.
Keeping tabs on what worked and what didn’t. Acknowledging suggestions by those in the community and welcoming any and all volunteer help.

Autism doesn’t discriminate between age or race and their are so many people out there searching for information that this organization is the best to provide it. But they need to yell louder and farther to be heard.


One thought on “COM0015 – Strong & Weak Organizations

  1. Thank you so much for your thoughtful insights. I too believe that as long as there is profit involved we will continue to get amazing and creative campaigns that are designed to drag us in to purchase a product. Where Social Media needs to grow is in the non profit world. When you have a child on the spectrum you have to work hard – at everything – at the schools, at extra curricular activities, at home. Information is out there but as an individual advocate you have to work hard to find it. Embracing Social Media for non profits in the future will not only allow advocacy groups to disseminate information but also to be able to bring people together so that they feel that they are not alone. Your plan for engagement is awesome. Hashtags to encourage engagement and for ease of search-ability, Facebook Live to include more people in information sharing, and using SM as a community needs assessment tool. #solidarity

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