COM0014 – Blog #3: Target Audiences and Next Steps: Where To From Here?

Like countless have before me, I am currently staring at the light at the end of my maternity leave tunnel and considering my career options. It’s a good time to be reconsidering some key elements of this part of our lives that occupies about one third of our waking time. Purpose and fulfillment; work-life balance; career, travel and learning objectives; compensation, pension and benefits – it all adds up to a complex balance that life rarely affords an opportunity to really consider anew.


According to recently compiled statistics from (UK based but with assumptions comparable to North America), we will have spent 35% of our total waking hours at work over a 50 year working-life period.

As noted in Lesson 3, identifying how and where your interests (or products or services) intersect with others (your target audience’s demographics and psychographics) are key first steps in being able to learn from and communicate with those audiences. My target audience consists of men and women currently going through career transition, with some greater focus on the experience of women. They are from all walks of life, many with at least some post-secondary education, and are unfulfilled at their place of work or situation. My empirical observation is that their age range is late 30s to early 50s.

Initial research I have conducted on this subject proved Google, Twitter and Facebook to be the most used platforms among my target audience members. By far, the greatest communications and listening value is with Twitter, with key organizations and groups (in particular, Women in Business Networking, Women in Transition, Women Business Leaders, Alliance of Creative Professional Women, Business Success Coach Network) devoted to my subject of interest and followers in the tens of thousands.

I think community colleges have done a good job in tapping into this particular audience. Their message that it is never too late to study something of interest and (re-) start your career doing something you love resonates on several levels, including a restlessness among those dissatisfied with their current work situation, and the hope that another path is viable. It has also become part of my career transition plan, as this social media program offers me new and highly marketable skills that I will leverage in my new career direction, whatever it may be!

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