COM0014 – blog #3 Target Audience for Facebook Advertising

As a Facebook user I thought no one clicks on Facebook ads. I was wrong after reading a report that Facebook has made $4 billion this year from advertising.

How do the audience click your ads and more importantly convince the target audience to buy the product. However, the biggest advantages to advertising on Facebook that you could target highly online engaged people who are using desktop, mobile and tablets. In fact, deliver relevant messages to specific groups.

Many advertisers fail at Facebook because their products are not a good fit. You should always refine your ad’s target audience based on Facebook profiles include age, gender, relationship status and education . They are display ads,should be used to generate demand, especially friends on Facebook are there to connect each other, not to find products to buy. The businesses that are doing well with Facebook advertising ask users to sign up, not to buy the product

As an advertiser, you should always make your ad according to location, demographics and interests of the target audience. Location allows you to target the audience in the country, province or city. Moreover, targeting the ideal audience by their interests, hobbies and behaviors by identifying the information they’ve added to their Timeline, the pages they like, websites they visit and apps they use.

Apart from location, demographics, interests and behavior, the most important is the eye catching image with the right content. Never try to use low quality images or stock shots. Buy them or get it done by professionals to create the best ad on the screen. Use pictures  and topography best work for your target audience and the product.

Despite the best effort to make Facebook advertising is the right channel for business. The most important points are to give users’ best conversation and try to keep track of everything.


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