Random thoughts… (second blog COM0011)


As I settle down in front of my kitchen table to write my next blog, I wonder what I could write about that no one else has already written.  Not certain that there’s any issue, subject, content that has not been uploaded onto the internet.  However, here I sit, typing and deleting over and over trying to come with something, anything that would be of interest.  I start getting nervous about who will be reading my blogs; will they find my blogs interesting, informative?  Why would anyone want to read my blogs?

As this is but my second blog, I’ll wait a bit longer before I start having too much self doubt.   So I continue to hit the computer keys and low and behold, between the clicking sounds appear these random thoughts:

  • Productivity; difference between being busy and being productive?
  • Objective – does one need an objective to be productive?
  • Motivation – How does one increase one’s motivation?
  • Creativity;
  • Time management;
  • Organizational skills;
  • Consistency;
  • Stressed with all the work I have to do…

The more I stare at this list, the more I see that there’s a certain topic that stems from all of these words. A work/life balance – does it really exist?  I have been thinking a lot about that lately.  How one can do more, more effectively, more efficiently.

Take a look at http://jamesclear.com/, he has many interesting articles on habit formation, and performance improvement.  I like how he presents the topics and links.  I should go back and reread as my old habits keep creeping back – urgh!!!

What really is expected of me and what do I expect from myself.  I do believe we all suffer from to much work and information overload.  I am so very busy but why is it that I do not feel very productive?

Effective (adj.): Adequate to accomplish a purpose; producing the intended or expected result.

Efficient (adj.) Performing or functioning in the best possible manner with the least waste of time and effort.

If you want an easier way to memorize the difference, remember this sentence: “Being effective is about doing the right things, while being efficient is about doing the things in the right manner.

The above has been copied from http://www.dailyblogtips.com/effective-vs-efficient-difference/ 

How does one balance the “crap to fun” ratio of live? And more importantly how does one “escape the agony of crisis management”? (Tom McCluskey intro taken from the book Personal Kanban; mapping work and navigating Life by Jim Benson and Tonianne DeMaria Barry).

I do believe life is becoming more chaotic, at least for me lately.  I continue to feel that there is continued pressure to perform at a high levels, consistently and this, within a digital world that keeps pushing me to do things faster.  Every key stroke is registered, clicks monitored and we are either being pushed or pulled by someone or something.  Balancing work, life, our physical, mental and spiritual levels requires constant effort and intent. Maybe less is better.

Where has the joy de vivre gone? I sometimes wonder if our European neighbours have a better sense of it all.


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