Post 4 – Out of the Box – COM0015

Assignment1 – Post 4-2106

Iliana Auverana

We have focused primarily on best practices in a very new and evolving field, what unexpected applications have you found in the field of online marketing and social media?

The digital world is rich in information and knowledge; what have become a huge challenge is how to keep up with news in your field, and how to organize information. There are amazing tools out there, but which ones serve better our needs? It depends on what we want and how open we are to new ideas. Socialcast seems to be the perfect tool for the “flow of knowledge” among workers and experts no matter their location; it allows the exchange of ideas in real time. A group of people belonging to a Socialcast community, working in a particular project, receive ideas or information and can respond in real time. A wiki and a database-store information are used to allow easy accessibility to information and data to all people involved in a project.


This platform also provides analytic tools and dashboards to keep everybody on the loop. I read a case study about it, but I couldn’t try the tool because I couldn’t provide a company name.

I found this tool extremely interesting because I see a similar trend in the government with the implementation of GCConnex. This platform allows employees to have virtual meetings in real time through a chat function, people can share files, have group discussions about a topic of interest to them, and a lot of more. The culture is slowly changing. Governments are becoming digital. There is a global movement towards digital to communicate with citizens and get them engaged. This policy called “Digital First” is changing the way governments around the world are making decisions. If you are interested in learning more about trends in this field, you can read the article written by PwC  (Picture created with Adobe Spark)



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