My New Computer – Blog #2

My New Computer — Blog #2

About one week ago, I made the decision to buy myself my first ever laptop. For the past couple of years, I have been using my mom’s laptop to DJ dances, and also for Twitter, other social media pages, and updates for my website. Since the laptop is over 5 years old, it has recently started operating slowly and frequently overheating. For these reasons, one year ago my mom went out and bought herself a new laptop.

Since I got another job during the summer at Wightman Telecom in the Technical Support Department (TV, Phone and Internet service), I was able to earn an additional wage and bonuses for good phone calls with customers. Since I would usually get between 30 and 45 hours a week. I barely had any days off (1 day a week if I was lucky). I always found that I was really exhausted and had little energy too do anything around the house. Near the end of the summer, they started giving me a bunch of midnight shifts which became pretty exhausting. One weekend, I had to work 4 midnights shifts in a row, I think I slept maybe 10 hours in 3 days if I was lucky. Even though I wasn’t a fan of them, looking back I wouldn’t have made all of this money if I didn’t go through working those shifts.

Last Tuesday, September 13th I made the decision to use some of the money I made this summer to purchase myself a brand new Mac laptop. I went onto the Apple website and was able to speak with a live agent through a chat window; she was very nice and was able to assist me in customizing the right Mac for me (colour, amount storage, etc).
Here’s a couple of images from of replica images of the laptop that I purchased.


For anyone who is looking to buy a laptop. I would definitely recommend buying a Mac laptop. All though it was expensive, I am very satisfied in the model and customizations that I got. A few things that I really like about my Mac laptop compared to a windows computer is that on mine, it has I Message so when someone sends a text to your phone you can make it that the text, and it also shows up on your computer. I also like the DJ programs that they have on a mac compared to windows. I also find that the set up on the computer itself is awesome, and very easy to use.

In closing, I left Wightman Telecom at the beginning of September, but it was worth it as I have my new computer. I’m quite happy with how my new laptop is working, i would definitely recommend it for those who type a lot of blogs or messages. In my opinion, the keyboard is a lot more easier to use then most other computers that exist.

Until next time, Shay.

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