I call Bullshit!

The internet and its myriad of social media channels are creating new and innovative ways to voice your opinion. But has this evolution in communications negatively impacted the way we read critically?

Ever hear of a tree dwelling octopus? Or how the miraculous “It Works” body wrap takes away inches from your waist without having to set foot in a gym? Have you ever taken medical advice from google? I did once, and apparently all symptoms lead to cancer….according to the internet.

One of the biggest reasons I decided not to build a career as on online personal coach is that I grew impatient and tired of trying to reteach clients the ACTUAL truths of fitness and weight loss. No it doesn’t require eating steamed broccoli and fish for days on end, protein shakes are actually supposed to be consumed POST workout, flexible eating is science and it works….you can treat yourself without guilt, and no that $300 per month subscription to companies like Isagenix are not integral nor necessary to achieve the physique that you seek. If this job didn’t involve constant debunking of internet lies and full on arguments with clients already set in their ways, I may have considered it.

Here are some tips on how to use the internet critically and sort out the bullshit.

When reading an article, a website or blog post do…

  • ASSESS whether the claims or promises being made are “too good to be true”. Especially when it comes to your body. That picture of the hot chick in a sports bra is so photoshopped it would make your head spin, but sex sells and it can sell big lies. Buyers beware!
  • EXAMINE the evidence, if any. Check for sources. Is the writer credible? Is the author an expert in the subject matter being discussed? Are their sources credible?
  • PAY ATTENTION to the context of the article. To which audience is the author writing too?
  • QUESTION everything!! Don’t be so gullible! Just because the internet claims that homeopathic crystals can realign your chakras does not mean you should go on a mining expedition.



Other sites that provide tips and approaches to critical thinking in this new age of communications include, but are not limited to;

Happy and safe web surfing, my fellow keyboard warriors!




4 thoughts on “I call Bullshit!

  1. I’m hoping the ubiquitous nature of social media channels isn’t making us less critical, but have certainly wondered, as well. Humans and our need to be more lovable, via our looks, IQ and material worth, can make us rather stupid at times, but I think this has been going on forever. Maybe we have the same capacity as ever to be naive, but more opportunity to showcase it now.

    • I find that the lack of internet regulations could partially be to blame. I have know idea how said regulations could ever be put in place due to freedom of speech and such, but something needs to happen to prevent “gurus” from disseminating lies to the general public. Case in point, anti-vaxxers).

  2. Amen to this! Social media is even more seductive and pervasive than those swell infomercials many of us have fallen pray to (ahem – busted). I suppose we’re saying it over and over again, social media is a true double edged sword. We do have access to so much more information. WE can even create information. But we’re also inundated with misinformation and duplicity. Caveat emptor!

    • I totally agree. Internet users need to think twice (or maybe more) before posting, and also before believing what has been posted. It’s a powerful tool, but great power begets great responsibility!

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