Who to Believe in the Fat/Fitness Fix? by Andrée – Post #1

This post is aimed at an audience who is interested in reading about healthy living, nutrition, fat loss and fitness from a technical perspective.

The Trigger

This summer when my brother was visiting me with his family from Singapore, I told him that I finally had a healthier and better approach to my nutrition and fitness program.  And this was based on advice from my qualified fitness trainer and information published by subject-matter experts. After giving him a brief description about the importance of eating a balance of macronutrients and the impact of too much exercise among other highlights, he said “Every summer that I visit, you have a new  solution”.

Perhaps he had a point, but I did not tell him.  It’s my younger brother! His response did however lead me to read even more  science-based information written by experts in areas such as medicine, physiology, nutrition and fitness training.  My reading focused on how and what to eat to be healthy and lose some fat. There is no shortage of information on this topic particularly on social media platforms and websites. There  are a lot of contradictions, which makes it challenging to know who to believe and what to do.  But then again, social media is about interaction and there are opportunities to engage in  valuable discussions.    

United Front on Food/Fat/Fitness Facts 


My research of science-based information led to finding common grounds on some points. The shorlist:

  • Loosing weight is not about calories in and calories out or fat grams or carbs. It’s partly about your metabolism – the body’s balanced process to store (anabolism) and provide (catabolism) energy . (Halie PomroyNote:  It’s about your burn rate (your inner furnace).
  • Chronic dieting among other unhealthy factors  will slow down your metabolism and create havoc with your hormones such as the thyroid hormones.  When your metabolism is healthy, the thyroid promotes fat burning (T3).  If your metabolism is compromised, the thyroid will  favour a  hormone that encourages fat storage(reverse T3 or RT3).  (Dr. Natasha Turner).  Note: Stop dieting.  Plus it’s old school.
  • Processed sugar is not only a drug , it’s poison (Dr. William Coda Martin).  It’s depleted of proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates.  Excess refined sugar eventually affects negatively every part of the body including resulting in fat deposits in active organs (i.e. heart, liver, kidneys) and inactive areas (i.e. belly, buttocks) . (Paul Check). Note: Be a sugar detective.
  • Proper chewing of food is optimal for digestion,  the conversion of food to energy,  nutrient absorption, elimination and prevention of unwanted fungi and parasite infestation (Kathleen M. Zelman, MPH, RD, LD). A small action that can have a big bang impact on your nutritional health and fitness results. Note: Crunch and chew away more slowly.
  • Overdosing on exercise can be counter productive.  I am always surprised when I hear people at my spinning club brag about the fact that they did a morning and evening class. And they add that this is part of their weight loss regime!  When there is an imbalance between the amount of exercise relative and the amount of rest time, it can backfire.  For example there is fatigue,  excess cortisol production- a stress stress- that contributes to catabolism and chronic disease, and even microscopic tears in your muscles.  (WebMD  and Dr. Micheal J. Joyner, M.D). Note: Muscle message – play smart.

In the end

I spoke to a friend about the topic of this blog.   She listened attentively and recognized that there are people like me who are  interested in technical information about healthy nutrition, fat loss and fitness.  She asked, “in the end is not all about proper eating, less food,  moderate exercise and less stress”?. I responded,  “somewhat but not “allwhat” because I still like to know the whys of how things work.”

I hope that some of you enjoyed this blog – that is if you are interested in the “ins and outs” on this topic.







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