Preaching to My Own Choir

My passion is for writing about retirement lifestyle issues as opposed to the more traditional financial planning aspect. I am developing some planning products to help people ease into retirement. I have to remain mindful that my demographic is people in the 50 to 65 age and  while there are many mature adults that engage in social media it is not as ingrained in them as it is for younger people. I know this because my wife still considers the telephone book to be a major information resource.

I was interested to learn that most people that make purchases these days seek advice from friends, relatives and other community members before deciding on a product or service but that is less likely for my demographic. Social media certainly has a role to play but my peers are likely the last generation to be heavily influenced by mass media such as television, radio and newspaper advertisements. I strongly suspect that we are about the only ones reading the flyers that show up on my doorstep with regularity.

There can be no doubt that social media will deliver my message and marketing but I have to remember that while younger people are quick to jump to the next new medium it is far more likely that my potential clientele are still centred around Facebook and continue to adapt to Twitter and other groups. To help solve that issue I have identified two couples that I know well and would perfectly represent the average customer that I want to attract. I don’t intend to market to them or even tell them what I am doing for now but I will casually bring up social media when appropriate to see where they are at and how they engage. As they progress to new forms of media I will try to follow along with my own marketing strategy. It may not be a perfect plan but it is a start because I can’t preach to my own choir if I don’t even know where they are!


One thought on “Preaching to My Own Choir

  1. I think social media could still be an integral part of your business, even if you are connecting a younger market than you are trying to target. As my parents are moving into retirement age, planning for the future takes up much of their time, and is often a topic of conversation for us. Although my father doesn’t use social media, I frequently find posts I think he make like on Facebook or Twitter and email him the links. So while social media may not always connect you with your primary market, perhaps it could connect you to a secondary target market, such as children, partners or friends of soon to be retirees.

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