COM0015 Comments to Other’s Posts

It is truly commendable that even in your pain you can consider the thoughts and feelings of others when you say “…when we need to tackle an emotionally difficult situation that others can be hurt, too. You must remember to choose your time, words and audience carefully.” Do you find the act of writing about it therapeutic?

What is GCConnex? Is that an in-house program? Also, I am wondering about your mentor? What type of work does she do? Is she a marketing expert?

One thought on “COM0015 Comments to Other’s Posts

  1. Yes, GCConnex is an government-wide in-house networking platform. All public servants are encourage to communicate through it with their colleagues or public servants working in other departments. My mentor is a senior manager who is very dynamic individual who is involved in priority project, among others in my sector. She has giving me advice on: skills to develop, tests to take (360 degree), articles to read, courses to take. She has put me in contact with experts in other fields, etc. It’s very helpful to have a mentor!

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