The Winds of Change are Blustering

My life used to revolve around my two kids…. for a whole seven years……that’s nearly a decade. I got up with them in the morning, prepared them for their day; packed their thoughtfully prepared lunches, checked school agendas, slathered them with sunscreen and drove them to school. “Hugs! Kisses! I love you!”

Climb back into my black minivan and off to the gym I went. After an hour or two of lifting, and I mean heavy lifting; deadlifts, squats, bench, and such I drove home, chugged my protein shake and showered. For the rest of the day I ran errands and cooked and planned meals and walked the dog for hours on end. I live in Rockland, so I was quite limited in the amount of adventurous discovery during my long walks but I got to know the ins and outs of the small town I call home very quickly.

Now, things are very different. After 7 years of being a stay at home mom / gym junkie, it was time to trade in my “bro life” for that of a working mom. Rise and shine at 5:00 AM, throw on some gym gear, grab my lunch, my work bag and out the door I go. I drive for a good 30 minutes before getting to my work gym, I train as hard as time allows me, jump in the shower and promptly report to my desk for 7-7:15 am.

Once I’ve done my 8 or so hours, it’s back into the car I go (no longer a minivan due to mechanical problems) and drive as efficiently and quickly as possible to pick up the kids at after school daycare. Herding children is very similar to herding cats….it requires great stamina and miles of patience, which I have noticed is wearing a bit thin after a long day. Agendas have been checked, snacks and lunches eaten, forms filled out and now it’s time to make dinner. Then ensues the kids’ bedtime routine, which is never linear, but more like a spirograph. To top off the day, a calming walk with my dog along the no-longer-familiar streets of Rockland in the cool end of summer air.

This whirlwind of change is slowly starting to settle as I chaotically adapt to this turbulent new lifestyle. Hopefully, I will master the act of balancing the several roles I have taken on; as a mom, a public servant, a gym rat, a student, a wife, a friend andwonder-woman-family somewhere in all of that the role of just being me. I also hope that my returning to work provides a positive influence for my kids. After all, the role of mom trumps them all.

Social media has been by my side through all of this. It has become my personal assistant in the way that it helps me keep appointments and commitments on track, pay bills on time (most of the time) I can magically remember everybody’s birthdays (thanks, Facebook), I can keep abreast on the local news, coordinate birthday parties with ease and even touch base with dear friends in Denmark with just a few strikes on the keyboard. I am able to track my fitness goals and create meal plans for my family, I can vent and get support or advice from mom support groups, I can even get the latest news straight out of my kids’ classrooms thanks to their newly developed school blog. Social media has been interwoven throughout the many aspects of my life for years and now I am counting on it to advance me in my career.


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